Pete Seeger Awarded the Medal of Discovery

June 1, 2009


Pete Seeger was awarded the New York Medal of Discovery by Governor David Paterson at a Quadricentennial celebration "Blessing of the Fleet" at Battery Park, Manhattan. Seeger was recognized for his "innumerable contributions to the Hudson River and to the environmental movement". Tao Seeger accepted the award on behalf of his grandfather.


The bronze medallion, by New York sculptor Friedrike Merck, was commissioned by the New York State Quadricentennial Commission in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson and Samuel Champlain plying the waters now named after them, as well as the Bicentennial celebration of Robert Fulton's first successful steam ship voyage.


The evening presentation celebrated "Harbor Night", with the vessels Clearwater Sloop and Half Moon in the harbor, to head north the next morning, retracing the historic voyage of Hudson's vessel up to Albany and reminding New Yorkers of the importance of safe guarding the River's environment.



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