Obama Biden Inaugural Medallion... Almost

June 6, 2013

During the Winter of 2012 and into January of 2013, Merck created a double portrait of the president and vice-president and submitted it to the official Second Inaugural Medallion Committee. A die was struck and a one sided, Obverse only medallion was also submitted to the Committee.  Although the piece was not chosen by the Committee, the medalist was glad to have worked with the familiar material of plastecine after having only painted in watercolors and oils since the completion of the studio nearly a year before.

Upstate Studio Complete

June 5, 2013

After two years of construction, Merck Studio has been witness to a year of sculpture and painting. The artist exhibited paintings in juried and membership shows at the Woodstock Artist Association Museum in 2012 and submitted work to the official Second Inaugural Medallion Committee in January 2013. Although the medallion submission was not chosen, there will be limited editions of the original design as well as a single sided bronze medallion. The studio, designed by Merck, is essentially a "zero" building and "green" products were used through-out.

The Studio is Moving!

August 5, 2009




After a short but highly productive stint at 23rd Street in Manhattan, Merck Studio will move upstate in August. The sculptor will work in temporary space in Bearsville until a proper studio is built.


Commission and other work is ongoing.


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