To Commission

The process of commissioning a work of art is time honored and straightforward.

For a bronze medallion, bas relief portrait or most other forms of art, a prospective client will share her or his ideas with Ms. Merck, which she will then render into a number of sketches.

Normally there is some back-and-forth during this phase in order to understand and narrow down the client’s needs. Subsequent to the client’s final sketch approval and a price agreement, Merck Studio will prepare a simple contract.

The contract will show three stages:

1. Down payment equal to 1/3 of the total price. Upon receipt of the down payment Merck will begin the sculpture and work until she determines it has reached a good midway point for the patron to review the piece — not so much done that changes would be difficult but not so little done that the client could not get a good sense of the final product.

2. A second payment, 1/3 the total price, is made upon approval of the work by the client after the mid-process meeting with the artist described above.

3. The final payment is due upon completion of the work.

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